Autumn seminars

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series autumn 2016

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

13 October
Speaker: Dr William Allen (Swansea University, UK)
Title: Macrocolouration: the evolutionary ecology of animal colouration
Abstract here

25 October (note change of day)
Speaker: Prof Kristiina Hilden (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Title: Plant biomass degradation by white rot fungi
Abstract here

17 November
Speaker: Dr Roberto Salguero-Gómez (University of Sheffield, UK)
Title: The diversifiers of life history strategies in animals and plants
Abstract here

24 November
Speaker: Prof Rosie Woodroffe (Zoological Society of London, UK)
Title: Hot dogs: understanding climate change impacts in a tropical mammal
Abstract here

01 December
Speaker: Dr Achaz von Hardenberg (University of Chester,UK)
Title: The devil is in the details: on a quest for causality in ecology and evolution
Abstract here

08 December
Speaker: Dr Grant D Stentiford FRC Path (European Union Reference Laboratory for Crustacean Diseases & CEFAS Weymouth LaboratoryUK)
Title: Securing the global aquatic food supply - a shared responsibility between producer and consumer nations
Abstract here

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